Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Spongebob Ukulele

As Ukulelia reader Tim Hodge sez, "it was bound to happen." Frankly, I'm surprised that it took so long (although from the copyright date, it looks like they've been out for a while).

For years (and literally, I mean years), one of the most popular searches that brought people to Ukulelia has been "Spongebob ukulele." I've always thought that licensed merchandisers were faster to market. I'm still waiting for Disney to get smart and sell a Lilo and Stitch uke in the US (but the bloom is prolly off the plumeria on that property). And, mind you, the Spongebob uke shown here is marketed in the UK. If anyone has spotted them in the US, drop me a line.

The Spongebob Uke is made under license by the John Hornby Skewes company. There's also a Spongebob guitar (seen at the same link). And what's really galling is that the guitar design is way cooler than the uke. The uke graphic seems to be just a re-purposed image of Spongebob and Patrick, whereas the guitar at least hints at the nutty playfulness of the toon. And given Spongebob's ability to morph into an infinite variety of shapes, don't you think that a clever designer could have made the whole instrument out of our poriferan pal? They could even save on production costs with a prefab parallelepiped.

Oh, well. At least we can all get our F.U.N. on now. Link

(Thanks, Tim!)
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