Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Flukes! See Them Made!

Roll up for the Magic(al) Fluke Factory Tour! Step right this way!

YouTube - The Magic Fluke Ukelele Factory Tour

(via KDUS)


Anonymous said...

As an avid Fluke and Flea strummer, I love this. Thanks! (RevWill)

Unknown said...

I cannot wait to watch this later.....i too m a huge fan of the flea and fluke.....

the woikin' man's uke! :)


Anonymous said...

I agree Todd... my 3rd hand flea with the superglue repaired back plays fine weathering-20 to +120 transported most work days in the back of "my" UPS delivery car waiting to be played on breaks. The only problem I have had is the tuners need to be tightened in extreme cold do to shrinkage. I consider mine an unofficial test flea!---Ukester Brown

Anonymous said...

I just got my first Flea last week. The frets seem farther apart than on a typical soprano that I've played...which is good actually. I like it so far, though I wish it had geared tuners.

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