Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ukulele Bizarro Festival Tonight...And the Mystery of the Purple Fluke

It's last minute and all, but if you're in Montreal tonight, check out the Ukulele Bizarro Festival. Details are here.

And the Mystery of the Purple Fluke...

In looking for details, we ran across this mysterious story. In a random act of kindness (ukulele style), someone is sending people Purple Flukes. Whoever this is (and it ain't us), I want to nominate him or her for the Nobel Prize. But let's not out whoever it is. S/he might stop! Link


ronhale said...

This video makes for a very
nice companion piece to the
recent KDUS 5K video. So much
more sweet joy here though.

Gary said...

That's so true. Have you ever seen anyone so gleeful and giddy over a ukulele (aside from looking in a mirror)?

Amy R Singer said...
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