Thursday, May 28, 2009

Martin Employee Model Soprano

The Fleamarket Music BB was abuzz about this employee-model Martin on Antiques Roadshow. Employees used to be allowed to noodle around and make their own instuments. I guess many opted to make ukes. Toebone recapped the deets:
For anyone who missed it, it was a Style 3 with these appointments:
1) 5 piece skunk stripe
2) Ebony fretboard, bridge, and tuners (pegs)
3) Bowtie at the 7th fret
4) Ivoroid kite on the peg head
5) Ivoroid parend at the heel of the soundboard
6) Spruce top
7) Rosewood back
8) Fancy back join strip a la D-28 guitar
9) 3-piece wbw nut - probably ivoroid/ebony/ivoroid
Anyone else think the appraisal estimate was low? Link

(Here's another uke appraisal from the show, a Martin 5K.)


Geoff Davis said...

I thought that appraisal was way low.

Gary said...

Well, it's not a Hoosier Maid, but still...!

Anonymous said...

Crazy low. The appraiser must have wanted to buy it. Lord knows I did.

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