Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bay Area Uke Scene

Nice write up of the San Francisco Bay Area uke scene in the SF Bay Guardian today. Tippy, Uni, and all the cool kids. Link


Ron Hale said...

Tippy and the Corner Laughers are my favorite Bay Area uke music makers, although if I didn't know there was uke on Tippy's album before listening to it, I wouldn't know there was uke on it after listening to it, either.

It's much easier hearing the ukulele on the Corner Laughers two albums. The ukulele isn't the musical focus of either's music, but is rather a part of the blend of sounds, and I much prefer this to solo ukulele or all-uke group music presentations. Occasional ukulele users, Vagabondage (ukulele/accordion blend), rate Honorary Mention in my Bay Area uke pantheon. And as far as I'm concerned, Bay Area ukers are as entertaining as any others anywhere.

Videos of all abound, of course. A good one to watch is The Corner Laughers As Tears Go By [Rolling Stones Cover]. I've mentioned the Vagabondage Raise Your Glass music video on-site before, but it rates another mention. Honeycomb had a nice write up in the Off the Record blog on SFGate the other day, accompanied by a video.
Tippy's Pohaku concert can be found on a number of videos, my favorite being the official music video for her song, Mass Transmissions.

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