Saturday, November 06, 2010

The Flower of Gower Gulch

My friend Paula Wirth recently did the cover art for Megan Lynch's debut album, Songs the Brothers Warner Taught Me, a collection of tunes featured in vintage Warner Brothers cartoons. Today, Paula alerted me to Megan's ukulele rendition of the song Porky Pig plunks out at the beginning of the Daffy Duck classic "Drip-Along Daffy." Which finally gives me an excuse to give a plug for Megan's CD, which features Cheap Suit Serenaders Robert Armstrong and Tony Marcus. You can buy it here, and on several other sites listed here. And don't miss Paula's cover art.


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Anonymous said...

I downloaded this Cd a while ago. I love the fact that she included the whole songs and not the choruses that we may be familiar with. It is fun to listen to and a great listening resource for me. Ukester Brown.

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