Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ukin', Banana Republic Style

Tikimeister and Head of Ukulelia Expeditionary Forces Col. Otto Von Stroheim reported in from the field that he had spotted this image from Banana Republic's spring campaign "Journey in Style." Today, Otto sent us a hastily captured picture from a San Francisco bus shelter. Battling with wild buses and dodging rushing pedestrians, Otto completed his mission, later apologizing for the quality of his snap (no apology necessary, OVS), noting that
"...you can see a lovely new Banana Republic ad featuring a uke and a common companion - a beautiful girl."
The Ukulelia Research Department was immediately on the job, turning up the higher resolution image displayed here. (Observant readers will note that the model was captured while playing the modern ukulele classic Elephant Town.) Research was also able to locate this video from the BR campaign. The video contains only fleeting images of the elusive uke, but enjoy the scenery, nonetheless.


Gerald Ross said...

She wins the tallest uke player of the year award. I think she's about 8'7" tall.

HumbleUker said...

Nice find. HU

ddm said...

Sweet, I like that.

Gary said...

Anyone recognize the location of the photo shoot and video?

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