Sunday, March 06, 2011

Ian Whitcomb & Harry Warren - Home in Pasadena

Ron Hale stumbled across this. Ian Whitcomb and Harry Warren (yes, the Harry Warren) singing Warren's Home in Pasadena in 1972. Link


'Ukulele Rob said...

Fantastic! Ian played an older recording of this tune a week or two ago on his Wednesday evening show on Luxuria Radio (and if you're not listening to Luxuria you're really missing out --

Ron Hale said...

Gary, this really speaks to Ian's
true musical leanings, coming so soon upon the heels of his rock n roll career as it does.

When I found this one, I also found one of him of recent vintage in his back yard at home as part of a Chicago all-ages dance show. Ian's interacting with a young
lad with a sock puppet, singing Teddy Bear's Picnic with uke, made for a very nice bookmark effect with the video you posted here.

Gary said...

Ron, link please.

Beveridge D. Spenser said...

This is the song I heard that made me want to play uke. It was in a MacArthur video of Bill Irwin's "The Regard of Flight". His stage manager, Doug Skinner, played uke and did ventriloquism when nobody was around to stop him.

I never did learn to play the song, though. This duet is great.

Beveridge D. Spenser said...

YouTube of Irwin and Skinner:

Gary said...

Anyone know the location of the obligato lyrics?

The Gentle Surprise said...


Further YouTube exploration yields this version, the whole shebang (uke-less):

Such a good find, it's my current "trying to work this up" song.

Gary said...

Fyi, Ian included Pasadena in his Ukulele Heaven Songbook.

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