Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Donald Chan Shoots Kamaka Factory

Photographer Donald Chan has posted shots he took of Fred Kamaka at the Kamaka Ukulele Factory. Link


Anonymous said...

I was so glad this story was about photography after I read the headline... Ukester Brown

Gary said...

Mad'ja look!

Ron Hale said...

Interesting tidbit re Kamaka from "Ukulele: The World's Friendliest Instrument" -

We've all heard about the deaf workers able to feel vibrations in the wood through their fingertips. Sam Jr. expands a bit:

"Those deaf workers were grateful for any kind of a job," he continued. "Never complained, never called in sick, never asked for a raise. They were easy to push around. That was the main reason why my father hired them. He was not what you'd call a sympathetic man."

Now this is the way all uke books should be written.

Unknown said...
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