Sunday, May 22, 2011

Oddball Japanese Ukuleles

Everything from a double-sound-hole smiley face uke to a triple-necked bad boy. Wonder if anyone ever built a triple-necked tiple? Made by Koji Sujiura of Cozzy Guitar Craft. Link


Anonymous said...

I'll take a Pikachu, thank you very much. Nothing against smiley face ukes, but this one is, shall we say, off-putting. Especially as it's described (in English, anyway)
as a "High octave baby ukulele," complete with promo photo of a baby holding it. Sorry, pass...

Now, maybe it's just these old eyes, but a lot of the ukes in this and the following item seem to have very wide necks. As in very wide.

Even the high octave baby uke, which must make it a tad awkward for the tots to play. Would have put a damper on you-know-who's career very early on. Forget forty, much less forty million views.

Sorry, Jake, but the people have spoken...

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Quinn said...

Maybe you can build it ;-)

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