Friday, May 06, 2011

Well, There Goes That Dream

"'I don't think they'll be looking for a guy who plays the ukulele,' Warren Buffett quipped about his eventual successor." Link


Elly Lou said...

Everyone knows all successful CEOs play the uke!

Ron Hale said...

Not much uking going on at Goldman, Gary. Big swinging ukes don't rape and pillage like big swinging dicks.
Masters of the ukulele serve the greater good, while the self-described "Masters of the universe"
never even heard of the greater good.

If those looking for a successor aren't looking for a ukulele player they haven't learned a single thing from Buffett and it's time to dump your shares.

The only defining characteristic of BH is Warren Buffett himself. How many figures span the years from investment clubs (heh heh heh) to ukulele clubs?

You think the Beardstown Ladies took their gains
and bought vintage ukes, Gary? LeDominos were cheaper then, I hear.
If they sweetened the deal with some of their brownies, I'll bet they could have picked up 5Ks for less than 5K.

And, if I were looking forward to inheriting $50bn and heard it was all going to charity...

Anonymous said...

I heard they wanted someone a little less radical in this economy and were leaning towards an accordian player... Ukester Brown

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