Sunday, January 07, 2007

Movers and Shakers (and Strummers)

Ukuleletown is full of con artists and snake oil salesmen, but, every once in a while a smiling helpful face emerges from the shadows and spreads a little good karma around. Yeah, karma, wanna make something of it?
There are three such faces all aspiring and perspiring ukulele players should know. The first is Jason Tagg, one half of Sonic Uke , and the originator of Midnight Ukulele Disco
and Ukulele Cabaret. Jason is always coming up with new and interesting ukulele players and introducing them to the public. He also plays a mean ukulele in Sonic Uke with his duo-ist Ted.
The other two faces you should know are both connected with the wonderful weekly Ukecast that features some great tips, interviews and original songs from a wide range of players. Chris Miller is the “alabama anchor” and Nipper is the “u.k. anchor”
Sun Tzu said “know thy enemy…” (or somethin’ to that effect).

I suggest it is better to know thy friends.

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