Monday, January 22, 2007

News from the North(west)

I’ve always liked the Pacific Northwest because it rains a lot and people drink a lot of coffee…okay, I’m oversimplifying. I’m stereotyping. (can a person ‘monotype’ something?) Nevermind, forget I said anything….

But, if you’re in the neighborhood, go to this:

“Portland Uke Fest 2007 June 20-24, 2007 Portland, Oregon
A unique music camp for ukulele players…beginners to advanced. Three days of instruction, and 4 nights of jamming and entertainment. In other words - Ukulele heaven!
Registration is limited and opens February 15, 2007”


Anonymous said...

This looks like a great event. It's good to see the quality of the workshops offered, which is one of the key things that draws attendance. A festival needs to be more than just a multi-day concert, and Portland seems to have it all together, from what past attendees have said.

Craig said...

too bad it's Portland, Oregon and not Portland, Maine!

oh well.

Gary said...

What's your problem, Craig? You have a hat to keep the rain off your head...

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