Tuesday, January 30, 2007


And you thought Ukuleles were below the musical radar…get ready for the Cigar Box Ukulele Subculture. Everyone’s makin’ them; from luthiers like Joel Eckhaus of Earnest Instruments to Kevin Crossett of Kepasa Ukuleles. And they seem easy enough not to frighten off the budding luthier.

Okay, so you’ve made one, before you get too cocky…take a look at what Sonny Daze has come up with: a double neck cigar box ukulele with a concert and a baritone neck. Yow.



Anonymous said...

I played a Black Bear concert-necked cigar box uke last weekend and could not believe how great it sounded. Not just great "for a cigar box uke" but in general. I think the cedar really does enable a nice warm tone.

Craig said...

and cedar smells great....(I think a good smelling instrument is a plus...?)

Gary said...

keepz teh moths away anyway

Unknown said...

Baritone and concert, my dream doubleneck!

Anonymous said...

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