Sunday, July 20, 2008

Koa Tenor/Concert Fan Fret Ukulele

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. It does indeed look like Duane Heilman built this uke from a workshop in the Mystery Spot.

"Can't make up your mind if you like a tenor or concert scale uke better? Well, this new ukulele combines both scales with a fan fret type layout. The treble A string has a 15" scale length and the low G string has a 17" scale length. The middle E and C string fall in between the two scales. All strings intonate well and the uke plays and chords very easily. This type of fret arrangement is the brain child of Ralph Novak and you can see his fine guitars on the web under Novax guitars.

This uke features Koa wood for the top, back, sides and head plate. The bindings are plastic Tortoise shell. The top purfling and rosette are made of reconstituted yellow/orange colored stone with a w/b wood border. The fingerboard, bridge and heel cap are Cocobola rosewood. The neck is Honduran mahogany with a graphite bar truss rod for extra strength and stability. There are 12 frets to the body; 20 in all. The fret board has a slight compound radius for playing comfort. The frets are slightly larger then standard, with a low profile so the notes don't go sharp."

Check this baby out quickly. The ebay auction has ended, but the photos are still up. Link

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Tim said...

No bidders this round. Maybe it will be re-listed.

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