Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mighty Ukulele

Canadian filmmaker Tony Coleman has been traipsing about shooting footage for an upcoming documentary, "Mighty Uke." Here's a video segment from KGMB in Hawai'i about the project. Looks like he's turned up some archival footage of Augusto Dias Manuel Nunes from a 1917 newsreel (Thanks, Jim!). Also, here are several other mentions of the project from around the globe: Langley, BC; Israel; Taunton, UK; NYC, US.


Anonymous said...


That mustachioed gentleman of which a brief black and white clip appears in the KGMB report on Tony's documentary is actually Manuel Nunes. It's from a 1917 newsreel. Augusto had died two years earlier, just before the ukulele took off at the Pan-Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco.
Jim Tranquada

Gary said...

thanks, Jim,

I corrected the post!

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