Monday, July 14, 2008

Take Me Out to the Ballgame Winner!

How amazingly cool! Uker Adam Wilbur (and twin brother Fred)[actually, not; see below--ed.] will sing Take Me Out to the Ball Game during tomorrow night's MLB All Star Game at Yankee Stadium. He's the winner of Baby Ruth's contest, held to celebrate the centennial of Von Tilzer's tune. The finalists were chosen by popular vote, which makes this victory all the sweeter. Check out the video, in which he plays his Baby Ruth-ulele. Which is almost as cute as the Dairy Queen Uke. With tuba goodness! Link

UPDATE: He has to leave his ukulele at home? It's an outrage!
"If chosen, Adam Wilbur will get to lead the crowd in the song, but he'll have to leave his ukulele at home. He'll sing with only the traditional organ accompaniment after Josh Groban performs "God Bless America.""


Gary said...

I got a "traditional organ" for the contest organizers right here! What a let down.

Anonymous said...

this was pretty funny.

Shelley Rickey said...

Why does he have to leave his ukulele at home?

Gary said...

Sounds like his prize was "leading the singing of" and not performing. I missed the 7th inning stretch, but heard that the song was not televised. Some pharma commercial instead.

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