Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I Like You

I've blogged this before (sans video), but I really like I Like You. It's a catchy song originally done by the great Sol Ho'opi'i (original here). Janet Klein likes the song enough to have included in on two of her CDs, Come Into My Parlor and Put a Flavor to Love. Here's Geoff Davis with his uke arrangement, which you can find here, along with a slowed-down video for learning. Dav also did a transcription of Geoff's video version, which you'll find here.

Ah HOO, those-a big-a blue EYES!

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Your driver said...

Not entirely pertinent, but Geoff Davis has a bad habit of taking money for goods and services and not delivering. I ordered a Bluestone Folk School hat over a year ago. I did this partly to support a seemingly worthy endeavor. I also did it to keep the sun off of my head. Geoff took my pay pal payment and never sent me the hat. Emails sent to the school enquiring after the hat were not answered. Phone calls to the school were not answered. Finally I went to the Bluestone forums at the school's website. I posted my tale of woe and at least one other person replied claiming that he too had been charged for goods that were never sent. I see that the forum has now been removed from Bluestone's site.

I wrote Geoff and suggested that if he just didn't have any hats and he'd already spent the money I would be willing to accept an apology but he didn't reply.

Geoff might be a good ukulele player, but he is a dubious businessman. If he's giving away ukulele lessons, take 'em, but don't give him any money.

Oh, and yes I did take this up with pay pal, but I was told that I had waited to long and pay pal would not allow me file a dispute. I "waited too long", that's another way of saying I was patient with Geoff.

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