Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Kathy Sparling's Embroidery

Continuing with today's Maker theme, here's Kathy Sparling from Dodge's Sundodgers with a chanty about tea towels. I like this comment from the post: "You are an angel sent from the heaven I don't believe in." Relax, fellas. She's taken.

(Thanks, Michael!)


Anonymous said...

This very summer, Mrs. Sparling is working on a recording of her original songs with Mr. Ukebox himself, Steven Strauss.

All hail Sparling and Strauss!

craig said...

Very, very cool. She has such a low voice! The song, while not a subject I would have thought to write about, it really very good. very.

Gary said...

Sparling and Strauss sounds like an old timey music publishing house!

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Unknown said...
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