Wednesday, July 22, 2009

D'News from D'Ville

Lots of stuff coming through the Internet Tubes of late from Portland, Oregon uker, Jim D'Ville.

First off, Jim has just released Play Ukulele By Ear, the DVD. It's a 52-minute condensation of Jim's workshop of the same title. Topics covered include Tuning By Ear, The C Scale, Chord Progressions, Intervals, and more. Sez Jim, "this DVD doesn't just teach you a few songs, it teaches you how every song works and how to train your ears to hear what the music is doing."

Cost is $20 plus shipping payable by check or PayPal. Contact Jim by email for ordering information.

He was recently featured in a nice little piece on Oregon Art Beat, which you can watch here.

Lastly, Jim and his bandmates in Caravan Gogh have written a paean to me. Well, bloggers, anyway. Thanks guys...I guess...

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