Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's Time To Get Laid

Wow. The ribald hits of Ukulele Cutie Kate Micucci just keep...arriving. This time she's joined by William H. Macy on a little ditty from the film Bart Got a Room. Link


Craig Robertson said...

Exquisite! I'm glad you posted this for all to see, Gary, because (speaking for myself) it's probably the only way I'll see it.

Very nice performance.

Anonymous said...

Funny song. I didn't go to my Prom..... well until I got married. Always cool to see William Macy still playin'. Ukester Brown

Max Marks said...

Chords are C-D-G-C, most of the song theeeeen. F-G-C-C in because its finally your night blah blah.

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