Wednesday, July 29, 2009

San Jose's Ukulele Source

This article originally ran in the San Jose Mercury News on July 17. And popped up on the front page of the Business Section of my local paper today. The Business Section? Is this a trend? (The headline and article was bigger than a story about Apple's alleged new iTablet!) If so, it might be an indication that the Third Wave is about to go tidal.

What do you think might drive it into a full-blown mania? President Obama strumming in the Oval Office? Leave your thoughts at the teeny little comment link, below. Link

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ronhale said...

It's not so much Barack playing that would create ukulele tsunami (although it would help), it's Sasha & Malia (read somewhere that Bette gave them ukes) with their appeal to other kids who could make the ukulele one of the coolest, hottest, best-selling items on the planet.

Images/film of the two of them playing/singing (with or without Mom & Dad), would topple things right past the tipping-point when millions of kids worldwide start begging their parents for ukes. Think Beatles & guitars.

Mom & Dad never would allow this to happen, of course.

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