Thursday, April 21, 2011

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - Office Ukulele

I'm sure this is how my cow-orkers feel. Link


Ron Hale said...

Ukulele music is not annoying (per se) when you're trying to get work done, Gary. What is annoying where and whenever it raises its hideous visage is the incessant, repetitive chunking sound with which this fool in the office is assailing the innocent ears of his coworkers.

Over and over and over and over, again and again and again. If this ever becomes the signature ukulele sound (has it already) then watch out below because we're soaring over a school of great whites.

And if this is what you favor your coworkers with, Gary, then, hell, I wouldn't blame them for whatever they did, unless it messed up your blogging schedule, of course.

Make your uke gently weep for them,
show them the inside of the Kirtland murder barn, take them over the rainbow and let them see what a wonderful world it is. No one will complain. Just do not chunk at them...

Anonymous said...


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