Thursday, April 07, 2011

Western Ukion

Mike Bagwell of Chico, California turns the old Harold Teen mantra of "music self-played is happiness self made" into "is happiness well paid."
"First, I got a business card. Next—nothing. That’s all I needed—$56 on the credit card. I started handing the thing out all over town: “Chico Uke-O-Gram, bike-messenger service, 864-1604, Send your friend a song.” Very simple, and a picture of a uke on it. The reactions were mostly the same: There’s a 3.5-second delay as the brain struggles to compute Uke-O-Gram, then the “oh yeah” look of comprehension, then a comment, like “Cool!” or “I love it!”"


Anonymous said...

Won't seem quite so cool, Gary, when the local version knocks on your door and hits you with a Cee Lo Green cover.

Ron Hale said...

Oops, that was me above, Gary.

Ron Hale said...

Janet Klein brings her Parlor Boys to the Cicada Club tonight (Sunday), Gary. Forgot to mention it earlier. If you see this on Monday, well, they played last night and you can check the archives for the show.

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