Friday, April 29, 2011

Unabashed Self Promotion.

...because good music is to be found everywhere, no matter what instrument you play it on.


Ron Hale said...

True enough. The uke is seen more and more these days in non-ukulele festivals such as jazz fests, country festivals, etc, as it becomes more familiar to audiences. No particular emphasis is put on the ukulele, it's one of the instruments mixed with all the others. This is a very good thing, too.

A generic noir crowd should be more interesting than a strictly uke noir crowd, as well. And larger, I imagine.

No need whatsoever to feel abashed, either. Would Gary have given you
such promotion?

Craig said...

Right you are, Ron. It's one of many instruments. It has its own voice and its own sonic signature. As most musicians will tell you, no instrument works on every song. (except piano players: they think piano works on EVERY song...)

Gary said...

I would have given him a bash.

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