Saturday, December 03, 2011

Dave Talsma's License Plate Uke

Talk about suffering for your art! Dave Talsma, builder of the legendary Dairy Queen Uke (and dozens of likewise legendary instruments), has sacrificed his ability to drive in order to produce his latest creation, this tenor uke.

Next will no doubt be a petition to the Michigan Senate to change the state nickname to "Great Ukes State", and the motto to Si quaeris ukulele amoenam circumspice. Rock on, Dave! Link


Unknown said...

Those blue license plates were phased out a few years ago. No doubt he's replaced it with one of the newer styles on his car so that he could make this fine instrument!

Ron Hale said...

Didn't you design the Dairy Queen uke, Gary?

Gary said...

smacdonn: I'll admit it; I'm guilty of hyperbole. But it made for a fun lede.

Ron: you are correct, sir!

David said...

At one point Iowa had blue plates and the joke in Minnesota was the way you could tell a person who failed their drivers test 5 times was their car had blue plates... I guess they moved to Michigan.

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