Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Blue before blue was a plural noun

Even though black is my hue of choice, one of my favorite all-time songs is My Blue Heaven by Donalson and Whiting in 1927. Ukuleletown may be awash in blacks and whites, but blue has a charm all its own. If red is associated with Hell, then blue is associated with Heaven.

Brian Hefferan, one half of The Fabulous Heftones, has done a marvelous instrumental version of My Blue Heaven on a ukulele built by Joel Eckhaus of Earnest Instruments, and hand painted by artist Greg Dearth.

I ain’t much for heaven, none of my friends will be there, but Brian makes it sound so seductive.

p.s. I posted both these images because I couldn't decide which one I'd rather have waiting at home for me...

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