Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Gigging (the importance of)

Sometimes nothing in Ukuleletown makes much sense. Shadows swirl around you and the night closes in from all sides. If things are dark, you look for light.

What brings light to a musician’s life is the music. Not just playing it, but performing it for others. It is a particular rush that leaves you breathless and lit up...if it goes well.

(If it doesn’t, well…you try again until you get it right)

I have nothing but the greatest admiration for musicians who get up on stage and attempt to brighten up the lives of their audiences with some of that light.

The 5th of January at Blooms Café in Lille, France.
Francois, Narjisse and Morane, The Koenig’ Sisters, take the stage. The ukulele sings in Francois’ hands, Narjisse and Morane offer songs from the sixties.

It’s always nervy, it’s always worth it. Get up and do it.


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