Wednesday, January 31, 2007

On the Waterfront

It’s always cooler in Ukuleletown down by the docks. The wind comes in off the ocean, bringing with is smells and sounds from miles away.
Maybe it’s that mysterious allure, maybe it’s the ‘island connection’, or maybe it’s some sorta wet synergy…but three different ukulele-driven songwriters have come up with three different songs about the same subject: mermaids.

“Mermaid”Craig Robertson (video performance)

“Siren Song” Sweet Soubrette (video performance)

“Mermaids” Sonic Uke (video performance)

This is NOT a contest for best Mermaid song...just an illustration how different writers can approach the same subject SO differently!

Oh, and the photo is of my kitchen door and my daughter Zoe.

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