Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Feed Your Head

Your four-stringed prayers have been answered! Ukulelia is now available as a news feed. (Note the new rss link in the page header!)

If this is Geek to you, I presume you know what to do. If this is all Greek to you, follow your guide, and fear not.

What this means is that you can now subscribe to Ukulelia, and receive the latest news via a news aggregator (here's a list: pick your poison) that will allow you to follow all the latest posts on your favorite sites from one window.

I'm on a Mac, and have had great success with NetNewsWire Lite (the free, but still very serviceable version of NetNewsWire). And if you're on a recently-released web browser like Firefox, chances are that it has an integrated feed function.

Here's a wiki on Atom, the publishing protocol that Mark used to set us up that will give you more. And feel free to share your tips and trick in the comments section of this post. Aloha!

(Thanks, Mark!).


Unknown said...

I'm happy! Except that there seem to be a slight problem I get an error on it.

Gary said...

email me with more deets on what errors you're experiencing and we'll look into it.

Did you revisit the Lee Morse post after I fixed the link?

Unknown said...

never mind, it seems to be working now. Thanks for adding the RSS!
Yes, I did go back and look at the link. thanks for that too!

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