Friday, January 12, 2007

Ukulele Levitation

It's a cloudless night in Ukuleletown, cold as a lonely razor. I’m hurrying down an alleyway after coming out of the back door of Lenny’s Downtown Bar and Grill. Okay, maybe I’m a little wobbly. Maybe I’ve had more than one “wobbly”, but I’m still walkin’, and the cold air is sobering.
Up between the tall buildings on either side of me I can see a patch of stars and black, black sky. As a look up, three flying saucers pass overhead. Well, I think they were flying saucers…
Anyway, whatever the hell they were, they get me thinkin’ about flying objects, and, since this is Ukuleletown, about flyin’ ukuleles. Roy Smeck used to toss his ukulele in the air at the end of a song. Giving it a twirl. Showmanship? I dunno. Jason Tagg, on a recent episode of Midnight Ukulele Disco, did a flashy toss’n’twirl at the end of a song he sang with Ellia and Josh Bisker.

And he didn’t drop it.


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