Sunday, January 14, 2007

Mysterious Mose

I've been on a Cheap Suit Serenaders jag of late. On the the Chasin' Rainbows CD is a fun tune called Mysterious Mose. In doing my usual poking around on the Web to learn more about it, I ran across this great Betty Boop cartoon, which apparently is what the tune was originally written for. This is only the second Betty Boop cartoon, and you'll note that she has not yet morphed into a human (woof!). Aside from a fun rendition of the song, the cartoon is remarkable for a couple of pre-Code things. One, Betty keeps getting scared out of her nightie. And second, well, let's just say it involves the melodic hindquarters of a moose.

Chasin' Rainbows also features a rollicking arrangement of Make My Cot Where the Cot-Cot-Cotton Grows. Here's a link to a May Singhi Breen uke arrangement. Link


Anonymous said...

I LOVED this. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

oops,that was me.

Gary said...

Oops, Boops, whatever, so long as you liked it!

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