Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Vita Statistics

I’ve always been a big fan of the Harmony Vita Ukulele, particularly in the hands of a real player.

Driftin’ in on a breeze from Gotham, a guy named Gideon showed up on Midnight Ukulele Disco doin’ a tune called “Broken Kneebone Barry” with aforementioned ukulele.
Zounds and wowie.


Anonymous said...

I really like his vocal and delivery. The uke sounds great, I like the tone.

Haven't heard this guy before, is he from NY?

Anonymous said...

I was actually there- it was his first time at the Cabaret (which IS in New York)- I think he said he was from Jersey.

Anonymous said...

Wow I was there too and it was an awsome night and Gideon was definately a highlight. Well, I don't play the uke yet but I might have to be starting soon. Fun and inspiration.

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