Thursday, February 19, 2004

Elmo Aardvark

Perhaps some kind Ukulelia reader will clue me in, but I have no clue what this is all about. An apocryphal animated aardvark? In any event the music is swell. "Wild cartoon music for very smart eccentrics, written and produced by legendary Disney voice actor/composer Will Ryan." Check out some of the guest stars:
. . . Elmo Aardvark himself, in thrilling vocal gymnastics, mind-boggling Gleehorn stylings and breath-taking prestidigital synchopations personally performed upon the legendary Kokomo Ukulele!

. . . Chart-topper Joanie Sommers as she performs the long-unavailable follow-up to her hit song, "Johnnie Get Angry", namely that musical interrogative "Why Can't Johnnie Be Like Elmo?"!

. . . Saturday Night Live's Victoria Jackson as she warbles an unforgettable ode to the Spirit of Fine Ukulele Craftsmanship!

There are three related CDs, including this one and this other one. As a tuba player, I especially like "The Moonlight, a Tuba and You".
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