Monday, February 02, 2004

Tiny Ukers

Bill Robertson's delightful collection of animated gifs of your favorite ukers will be found under the RTU Extras section of the "Rock That Uke" site.

Please note: Bill kindly requests that you not create links directly to the images on the site:

"If you would like to use any of these graphics, please feel free to do so, but help us out by capturing and storing them on your own FTP space rather than directly linking to the image here. The Tiny Ukers' diminutive size makes them perfect for forum IDs and because their KBs are small, it seems like a harmless drain. But the Tiny Ukers' popularity since being uploaded has been stunning, and the effect, data transfer-wise, has been not unlike a ferocious and devastating stampede of lemmings. Ah, the awesome power of the tiny!"
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