Sunday, December 31, 2006

Auld Lang Syne, Brah

Today, we wish Aloha to the much-maligned Santa Ornament that has been gracing the top of Ukulelia for the past several weeks. He'll now slowly scroll down into the archives of 2006. And to give him a proper send-off, join Mark, Craig, and me in a rousing rendition of Auld Lang Syne. Take your pick from amongst the 25 different versions on Comfort Stand.

We recommend the uke-infused version by The Ronnie Wibbley Disco Machine:
"Recorded live at North London's majestic "Slappers" nightspot, this New Year treat features band members Hammer Malone, Pablo and Manolita, with introduction by DJ Nappyhead. Ronnie's plangent ukulele has never sounded as sweet and fitting as on this traditional Scottish ballad of lost love and regret."

About the image: The cover of an arrangement of Auld Lang Syne distributed by Bromo-Seltzer! The perfect hangover remedy for hangover-inducing holiday!
WHO COULD ENJOY The melodious warble of Patti, or the enchanting strains from one of Gottschalk's productions, while suffering from a "SPLITTING" NERVOUS HEADACHE? Then "will it not be sweet to remember" that the popular "Nerve Lullaby" BROMO-SELTZER cures all Headaches in Twenty Minutes?

No Morphine, No Chloral, No Antipyrin.

At the "Wee Hours of Morning" society people find relief for their Aching Heads and Shaking Nerves in a dose of BROMO-SELTZER.
Classic Copywriting, that.

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