Monday, February 05, 2007

Toon Tune

Ernie Gilbert works as the art director for the cartoon show “the Fairly Oddparents” (one of my daughter’s favorites) and also plays, you guessed it, kids; ukulele. Ernie says of one episode: "One of the most exciting things for me, was getting to provide the singing voice (and play ukulele) for this character- Chippington Skylark III".

a direct link to the episode

In the entry comments, Ernie posted a reponse, almost as an aside: "I won the Animation Industry's "Annie" Award, for character design last year, for this episode ."

Check out the rest of his blog, it’s full of juicy tidbits!

and here's the song! "Icky Vicky"

(thanks to Nina Coquina for bringing this to my attention)


Anonymous said...

What I loved about the episode "The Good Old Days" is that Ernie took classic Max Fleischer animated characters and "remixed" them to make new contemporary characters but with that vintage style. Fleischer's a god to vintage animation fans, so to take his style and so successfully adapt it like Ernie did is a masterful thing indeed. I just love the little motley crew that's sitting around in the audience at the club.

Plus his song and playing were a blast. Fabulous job all the way around, and genuine talent.

Ernie Gilbert said...

Thank you, Nina! Wanna be my publicist? ;^)

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