Friday, February 23, 2007

Windy City Ukuleles

Another cold damn blustery day in Ukuleletown. Robert pulled up to the ice buried curb of the stately Noir mansion and set case after case of ukuleles on the curb!

He wanted to show me the ukuleles he was going to exhibit at the Ukulele Noir show at the Revolving Museum in Lowell on March 24th. He had quite a few.

AND he brought along positive 11x14 protographic prints that he would be exhibiting along with them.

As always, click and weep.
Heads, left to right.
1)Early Harmony Wooden pegs.
2) Regal Red Head, celeb uke, Wendal Hall (Ain't Goin' Rain No More)
3) Harmony Johnny Marvin, Lindburg bridge.
4) Regal "By the Sea, by the Sea,
5) Lyon & Healy Camp Uke,
6) Lyon and Healy uke with gold decal ... wonderful.
7) Regal Clown and Monkey uke .... you have to love it,
8) 50's Silvertone (Harmony) Mahogany with thigh flesh and Dodge Dart peg buttons.
9) LoPrinzi Mahogany bought at Uke fest.
10) Supertone (Harmony) with canoe
11) Supertone Stradavarius - 17 frets, nothing but cool.
12) World famouse Vita Harmony Uke , Roy Smeck celeberaty, fancy wood and seal holes.

As I was Saying, left overs, left to right.
1)Continental uke .... weird decal????
2)Harmony Smeck "Concert" - Not really
3) Lyon and Healy patented tear drop.
4)Sam's Uke ..... Sammo - Samuel P or X Osborn .........matches the taro patch, take my word.

You ARE going to be at the show, right????

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Ernie Gilbert said...

Does that Vita-uke have a sunburst finish??

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