Friday, February 09, 2007

What was he thinkin’?

The Ukulele Club of Paris is having a big bash on April 21...and to promote it on their website they have a lovely press photo of Cliff Edwards and Bessie Love from 1929s Hollywood Revue.

So, he's playin' a G7 chord and thinkin'...what?

Probably, “if you get any makeup on my Style 3, I'll scream!"



Anonymous said...

I think he had a much filthier mind that that.

Gary said...

Dunno, but looks like she has her left hand on his C DIM.

Gary said...

My mistake. The full image shows, sadly, no hanky panky. But Ukulele Goddess Mareva Galanter is on the April 21 bill!

Anonymous said...

Look at that leer on his face! When you wish upon a star, indeed!

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