Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Turn the Beat Around

I'm listening to my iPod this morning on the way to work. For some masochistic reason I decided to load a bunch of circus marches onto it. Anyway, I'm listening to "Them Basses," when I suddenly think, "the tubas are on the wrong side." Because I'm usually sitting on the left side of the band--but wait! That's my left.

So I swap the earphones around and voila! I'm now listening to the band from my usual POV.

I then experimented with some of my uke tunes, and found that, with few exceptions, it was easier to "hear" the performance as being from the performers' perspective, and imagine that I'm standing next to, say, Bryan Tolentino. Or being Bryan Tolentino, which is even mo' bettah.

Maybe this is just a cheap trick, but does anyone else out there do this? Anyone know any iTunes hacks that will enable you switch channels without swapping earbuds (mine are asymmetrical)? Leave a note in the comments, below!
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