Monday, May 28, 2007

Vincent Cortese at DaSilva Ukulele Co.

Ran into Mike DaSilva and his son, Dandy (really nice luthier-dads apparently have similarly nice kids) at a swell party on Saturday. Mike reminded me that next Sunday, June 3, Roy Smeck student Vincent Cortese will conduct a workshop at Mike's shop in Berkeley.
"A Celebration Of The Music Of Roy Smeck" with a workshop and mini concert by Vincent Cortese. Born and raised in New York City, Vincent studied with Roy for over a decade on four instruments and is the author of the only published biography on the amazing life of Roy Smeck, "Roy Smeck-The Wizard Of The Strings In His Life And Times." Vincent will perform on ukulele, Hawaiian lap steel and tenor banjo many of the styles, techniques and stage performance material that were unique to Roy Smeck. This will be Vincent's first ever performance in the Bay Area and will be a rare opportunity to capture a glimpse into the music and magic of Roy Smeck's unprecedented musical life and legacy."
Don't miss it! Location and more info at the DaSilva Site.

You can learn more about Vincent in this interview over at UkeTalk. Vincent's Smeck bio is available at Elderly and and as an eBook.

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