Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Ukulele Hero!

For April Fool's Day we were going to gin up a fake story about there being a ukulele version of Guitar Hero, but someone beat us to the punchline. And it's not all that funny. Link

So no fake Ukulele Hero story this year, dear readers. However, it does turn out that there's something floating around about there being a ukulele tune coming out for Rock Band:
"Portal's highly quotable protagonist, GLaDOS, is coming to Rock Band. The end credits song performed by the rogue A.I., "Still Alive" [and written by Jonathan Coulton, ed.] will be a downloadable for free in April."

Update: Uke tabs here!


Anonymous said...

That's okay. Why not post about the Ukulele Club that Oprah's starting. Have you heard about it? OMG!!!11

Anonymous said...

Its actually been done. Chris Combs unveiled a "working" Ukulele Hero "game" at a Ukulele Cabaret a few months back in NYC. Color bars on the neck and a computer interface. I forget what song he competed on.

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