Friday, April 11, 2008

Fun at the Run

Hmmm...a bit of a report on the Ukulele Noir at the Bull Run this last Saturday (April 5th).

Great house and killer sound system. Everyone sounded so good it was almost frightening. The evening started with Jason Escape dragging two people up on stage to strap him into a straightjacket...from which he promptly escaped! Then yours truly got up and did selections from my new CD "Houdini's Perspective". I was followed by the Moonlighters, who were in great form, smooth and professional as always. Bliss was playing her new Pohaku ukulele and Cindy was playing a Harmony baritone.
Robert Wheeler did his usual "surprise guest" thing and had the crowd in the palm of his hand.
Then the inimitable Victoria Vox got up. (in a bright yellow shirt! Noir? not.) and wowed the crowd. She has an amazing style.
After her Uke Box got up. Shelley and Marko from Holland. They were so well rehearsed and professional you couldn't help but be impressed. Shelley's voice was like liquid honey. IF you have a chance to see them live...go for it.
Finally Mark Occhionero got up and did an amazing set of solo ukulele numbers. Man, that guy can play!

Wish you could have been there...


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Anonymous said...

While my ukulele wasn't as "new" as Bless', being an early 1920 Style 2 Martin, one would have to walk many a mile to put a superior musical instrument in one's palm. I'm just crazy about my Martin's, except for the Backpacker, Argg!!!

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