Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dent May Watch: Day 23

I'm still trying to figure out if he's serious about playing the ukulele, or whether it's mainly an ironic prop for his (arguably marketable) hipster Truman Capote persona. In this interview, it seems that he's being a bit more definitive about it:
"May says he's open to new sounds and ideas - maybe a detour into R&B or electronic music, he says - but for now, he'll keep playing ukulele until people realize it's not a joke.

'I do think the ukulele deserves to be taken more seriously,' he says. 'It's misunderstood, but that's one of the reasons I wanted to play it in the first place.'"

Since he's playing in Beantown, I suspect Craig is already standing in line for tickets. Link


Anonymous said...

Don't recall any people using success in the uke world as the launching-pad for a non-uke musical career, but he may just be the first, & if other young players start to feel that the ukulele cannot meet their creative needs adequately, we may see more follow suit, & a new paradigm established, as it were (not at all the same thing as a famous guitarist playing a uke for a bit before "moving up").

Anonymous said...

Do the Pete Seegers of the uke world resent Dent going electric at Newport?

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