Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Taimane Gardner in SF

Patrick Spargur dropped us a note to let us know that Taimane Gardner will be playing live (and free) next Thursday, March 19th in San Francisco. Primo Beer is free if you get there early (real early, sez Patrick). Taimane will be starting on the early side and champion big wave surfer Garrett McNamara will be speaking at 7pm.
March 19, 2009
111 Minna
San Francisco
5:00 - 9:00

The event is free, but space is limited.
RSVP by March 16th to
Taimane, and a lot of other Hawaii musicians, will also perform the next night at Gordon Biersch at around 7 or 8. It's all part of a big promotion being run by our good friends over at the Hawaiian Convention and Visitors Bureau. (Hi, Jay!) Check out the promo site and enter the contest. If you win, just remember who your real friends are.

(Thanks, Patrick!)


Anonymous said...

Super-players like her always remind me of guitarists like Roy Buchanan. So much ability, yet somehow never quite finding the career/success their abilities deserve. How exactly do you market/present a talent like hers?
After you've seen the fingers flying madly about, you begin to crave more "there" there.

Uke Gal said...

Carly Waldrup informs us that the doors actually open at 5:30, not 5.

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