Friday, March 13, 2009

Video from the Waikoloa Ukulele Festival

Here's a news page with video from the recent ukulele festival on the Big Island. Featured in the video is Nicholas Acosta, of whom we've written before, a 12-year old ukulele wiz who plays beautifully despite having been born without a right arm below the elbow.

Also on the video is Boo Takagi (nice double neck!) and lots of Ohta-San (beginning about the 12:00 mark). If you've never seen Ohta-San play, do give this a watch, especially if you're used to the pyrotechnics of players like Jake Shimabukuro. Ohta-San is a study in restraint, and will show you how much beauty you can gently coax out of an ukulele. Of course, he's the Master, and makes it look easy, but it's a wonderful style to develop. Link

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Anonymous said...

Nicholas is wonderful. Always wondered with Ohta-san how so, so, much emerges with seemingly so little effort being put in (of course, you can't see heart & soul being put in, but you certainly can hear it coming out).

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