Friday, January 23, 2004

Dan Zanes for President!

Once a member of the '80 alternative rock band the Del Fuegos, Dan Zanes has now produced a series of highly acclaimed family-oriented CDs. Dan plays the you-know-what occasionally and has gone on record that, if elected President, plank #5 in his platform would be "every house should have a ukulele." Sez Dan:

"i've been playing ukulele quite a bit recently and i think that it's probably the easiest of stringed instruments for little hands. it's great for grown up paws too. when we drove up to boston last weekend i was able to play mine for an entire 3 hour van ride song festival. this is also a good instrument for the campaign trail, i would imagine....."
(Which leads me to wonder: Howard Dean playing the ukulele...his path to redemtion following the now infamous screech, or not?)

Check out Dan's CDs. Guest artists include folks like Bob Weir, Suzanne Vega, Debbie Harry, and Phillip Glass. Link Discuss

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