Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Dan Zanes Fiesta Flea

Check out this little cutie. All-family musician Dan Zanes is offering another limited-edition custom Flea ukulele this year. Shown here is the Fiesta Flea. Sez Dan:
"If you want a stringed instrument in your life I recommend a ukulele, and if you want a ukulele I recommend a flea. My band and I travel with them everywhere we go. Fleas are fantastic sounding instruments and extremely sturdy (often a plus when music hungry children are around). Are you thinking of expanding the sound of your family band? The ukulele is a perfect instrument! It's simple enough to be learned by very young people as well as adults and the musical possibilities are endless. The ukulele is the keeper of proud traditions as well as the ideal 21st century social instrument. People who play ukuleles tend to be the hit at parties."

The uke comes with the Dan Zanes 6 Flea Songs for Spontaneous Singalongs songbook, and other goodies. Only 100 will be made, and last year's Limon edition sold out quickly. (Santa Baby, slip a Dan Zanes Fiesta Flea under the tree, for me...) Link

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