Saturday, December 06, 2008

How to Play Christmas Ukulele

Now would be a good time to check out Al Wood's e-book, How to Play Christmas Ukulele.
"There usually comes a point on Christmas afternoon -- particularly if you got a new uke -- when one relative, usually the one who spent most of the rest of the year complaining about your incessant strumming, will pipe up and say, "Play something Christmas-y, then."

So, while everyone else is sat around nursing swollen bellies, you have to get up and perform. What are you going to play?

In this ebook you get a dozen tabs of well known Christmas tunes. I've kept the arrangements as simple as I could in the hope that it will still be possible to knock them out in that woozy, slightly tipsy Christmas afternoon state.

The tunes are arranged for re-entrant ukulele in a number of different styles: strumming, classical fingerpicking, Hawaiian fingerpicking. There should be a few that suit your own style of playing.

You'll get a zip file containing arrangements of all these tunes in tablature and standard notation, a pdf file containing performance notes on each tune and mp3s of all songs."
It's not free (it's $9 (cheap)), but considering everything else that Al offers free via his super deluxe Uke Hunt site, buying a copy would be a nice way to get your Xmas on while supporting a major contributor to the uke world.


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