Monday, December 15, 2008

How to Play Ukuleles for Peace

We wrote about an amazing and worthy organization, Ukuleles for Peace, earlier this year.

It's a charity based in Israel that teaches ukulele to Jewish and Palestinian kids and brings them together in a ukulele orchestra. It's a simple and effective way of creating links and friendships between the two communities - links that grow beyond the orchestra itself.

Al Wood (aka Woodshed) of Uke Hunt dropped us a note announcing that he's spearheaded the development of a major new ebook, sales of which will go to support Ukuleles for Peace:
"In the past year, they've been short of funds and struggled to set up a new orchestra. To help them out, I've got together with a host of ukulele tabbers (including James Hill, Dominator and Mark Kailana Nelson) to put together an ebook packed with great tabs for the benefit of UfP."
You can find out more, listen to MP3s of some of the tabs and buy it here. It's only $15, which is highly reasonable for a quality uke book these days, and all proceeds will go to Ukuleles for Peace.

The ebook features arrangements and tabs of 16 pieces from the internet ukulele community's best tabbers. In addition to those already mentioned, the contributors include Brian Hefferan, Ken Middleton, Wilfried Welti and Woodshed. All tabs come with an MP3 including an exclusive MP3 from James Hill.

Ukulelia readers can also help support the cause by writing about Ukuleles for Peace and the ebook on blogs, forums, MySpace, Facebook or anywhere else you can get people to listen.


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Gary said...

I just bought my copy yesterday and it's terrific! Everyone needs a copy, and what a great cause.

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